To be able to provide women in India with the highest quality healthcare that is easily available abroad. I am dedicated to stay abreast with the latest advancements in women’s health care and would always endeavor to bring best medical practices here, from across the globe.


FRCOG (London), MRCOG(UK), CCT (Obs & Gynec) (UK), DGO, MBBS, RCOG(London) accredited laparoscopist, BSCCP (UK) certified Colposcopist, British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Patholgy.

Dr. Deepika Aggarwal is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist presently working with CK Birla Hospital for Women, Sector 51, Gurgaon. She has 20 years of enriching clinical experience behind her including 15 years as an obstetrician and gynecologist at various hospitals across London and the UK.

Specialisations & treatments

Apart from regular, normal deliveries, Dr. Deepika Aggarwal is proficient at handling patients with a history of recurrent pregnancy losses and also high-risk pregnancies. She is trained and has expertise in water birth deliveries as well as provides complete care and advise on screening for cancer cervix and colposcopy.

Normal Vaginal Birth

It is the BEST way of child birth where there is no use of surgical methods. Personally, I prefer to help delivery the normal way, as the recovery process is much faster.

Water Birth Deliveries

It is a technique in which childbirth occurs in water. Water birth results in a more relaxed, less painful experience and is commonly done in countries abroad.


A vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC) is possible for many women. It is important that various factors are discussed with the doctor to decide if it’s right for you. Safety for you and your baby is the main thing to consider.

Operative Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy

In Hysteroscopy, a fine telescope is inserted vaginally to examine the uterus (womb cavity). It is helpful in diagnosing and treating causes of abnormal bleeding. Laparoscopy is a stitch less key hole surgery through belly button and helps in hysterectomy (removal of womb), ovarian cystectomy or removal of ovaries.

High Risk Pregnancies/Recurrent Loss of Pregnancy

Having a high-risk pregnancy means it’s more likely that the mother or the baby will have health problems during pregnancy, birth, or after delivery. Early and regular prenatal care goes a long way in ensuring a healthy pregnancy and delivery without complications.

Screening for Cancer Cervix and Colposcopy Specialist

Cervical screening involves detecting pre-cancerous cells in the cervix. Colposcopy helps in close examination of the cervix (neck of the womb) with a magnifying lens called colposcope which can be used to treat pre-cancerous lens. It can be done as clinic procedure.

Why place your trust in Dr. Deepika?

  • 20 years total experience; 15 years with various hospitals in London

    Hands-on knowledge about the best medical practices being followed in countries abroad. She is trying to replicate the same systems and procedures so that women in India get highest quality medical care.

  • Compassion, Empathy, Honesty

    She firmly believes that along-with the right treatment, love, care and lending a listening ear, go a long way in making the patient feel at ease and allying their concerns. Being truthful and giving unbiased advice helps in developing a trusted bond.

  • Strong work ethic

    Dedicating 100 % to her work, every day, as her work is her true passion. Patients and their wellness is always ‘The’ priority.

  • Working together to support the patient

    The relationship with the patient goes beyond the doctor’s room. She is willing to go the extra mile for her patient’s well-being. This could involve securing an urgent appointment, ensuring diagnostic or pharmaceutical assistance and any other intervention or therapy requirements.

Videos by Dr. Deepika

Introduction of Dr. Deepika and her fields of expertise

Dr. Deepika Aggarwal is live now.

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